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San Francisco Bay Area
IOS IOS provides comprehensive office furniture and maintenance services to large and small businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Founded in 1983 with an emphasis on providing office furniture solutions, we have expanded our services to include milliCare® Textile and Carpet Care as well as comprehensive maintenance services.

Call us for a no obligation quotation: 408-748-1875.

Learn more about our products and services:
  • Comprehensive office furniture installation, reconfiguration and moving services including design and project management
  • Carpet cleaning and care using the milliCare® Textile and Carpet Care dry process
  • Office cubicles and free-standing furniture including chairs, workcenters and ergonomic solutions as well as high quality pre-owned furniture
  milliCare Advance Textile and Carpet Care. Working in a dirty office environment is unpleasant, but more than that it can hit your bottom line with hidden costs of employee absenteeism, illness, and productivity loss. This is where MilliCare can step in. With our state of the art cleaning service, you'll work in a environment that is extremely beneficial to your bottom line. Click to find out how and why Millicare works.
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