IOS milliCare

When you want to experience the many benefits of clean, where do you turn?

MilliCare®. Put milliCare to work to keep your carpets and textiles cleaner and longer lasting.

The proprietary milliCare maintenance process will…
  • Keep your space cleaner, projecting a more positive image.
  • Deliver exceptional value for any size space, category of carpet or textiles, or type of business.
  • Provide substantial return on investment by extending the life of your carpet and textiles, avoiding costly replacement and unnecessary landfill.
  • Improve indoor air quality to enhance your work environment.
Add it all up and the smart choice is clear. With milliCare, the industry leader in sustainable maintenance, clean is about more than appearances – clean is a way of life.

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Maintain Today. Sustain Tomorrow.
That's why we're here.

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