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Office Furniture Products

IOS Workspace Installations provides new and high quality pre-owned products including:

  • Pre-owned High Quality Furniture

    Includes seating, work-stations and case-goods that offer you value and affordability.
  • Chairs

    Our chairs are designed to ensure that your employees are performing both comfortably and healthily. Our selection ranges from economical to luxurious, all with a focus on quality and value.
  • Keyboard Trays

    Research in ergonomics show that the use of a keyboard tray reduces the risk of office-related harms including neck pain; upper and lower back pain, and other serious repetitive stress injuries.
  • Adjustable Height Workcenters

    Adjust the height of your surface so that you can take a break from sitting or standing. The benefits of this can only be fully realized when you've experienced it yourself. The workcenters come in electric, hand-crank and pin versions.

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